Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yup, you're in the right place

Please leave a comment. Follow the Golden Rule, the idea here is to cheer him up. : )


Andrea said...

Okay Tom, we need're the one who needs to give us the stories of how many glasses of wine Jen pours each night, what kinds of sounds you hear when you're upstairs in your office (coming from downstairs), and after all, you're closer to Boulder than most of us. That's got to rate at least one story a week!

We need you out here, to get the male perspective and if nothing else...I bet you could just post views from your backporch every day and that would be enough for most of us.

Please start posting again - how is the Electric Company? Morgan Freeman still have his 'fro?

Dave said...

A hobby that I have gotten into in the last year and a half is golf. I don't know how therapeutic it would be, what with the cursing and bashing of the club into the ground. But it is nice to be outside on a nice day, we can still hope for one of those soon, and when you do hit that damn ball where you intended it the feeling is indescribable. I would suggest you start out with a one or two hour class and then spend some time at a driving range so as to avoid embarrassing yourself on the golf course which you will invariably do regardless. If golfing is not your thing, which for most calm and intelligent people it is not, I have found that jogging is a great stress reliever. The "runner's high" does exist, I am enjoying it now; it just takes a month of dedication to get to the point where you can feel it. Well there are a couple suggestions I'll try to think of more throughout my busy day of doing nothing while getting paid handsomely by you taxpayers. Love you Tom and give my little knuckleheads a hug.