Sunday, February 19, 2006


OK, so after setting this blog up a month ago, I'm finally getting around to actually writing something on it. Hence the name, "Life on TiVo." My job used to have a busy season of about 3 months per year. Now that three months has expanded to 9 months, with the remaining three months of the year interspersed throughout into brief segments of time that I like to refer to as "weekends." But it beats the alternative.

My lovely bride (who also blogs) said this might be good for me. I used to write in college (the first time around) and actually had a column in the school paper for a time. Until it was decided that I wasn't newsworthy, whatever that meant. But it was fun and mildly theraputic.

So, a bit of background just for perspective...

My lovely bride and I live in the Denver metro area, with our two boys aged almost 5 and 2--which keeps things infinitely interesting and likely to provide a wealth of inspired writing. I work in the travel industry, and that's all I can say without giving away too much. I've been told don't write about work, and since I like my job (at least, on more days than I don't like it) I think I'll just stay away from the subject. Plus, this is supposed to be theraputic release. Before that I taught high school for ten years. I'm originally from the rural Midwest, so this existence has been eye opening to say the least.

Some brief insights into the mind you will be dealing with:
- My literary heroes, in no particular order, are Garrison Keillor, Robert Frost, Shel Silverstein and Dave Barry. What this means is that my writing will at times be reflective and sentimental while finding ways to incorporate the words "rhubarb" and "booger."
- My musical tastes run from classical music to classic rock. Yet I can't stand when a professional orchestra does a program of "symphonic Led Zeppelin." Go figure.
- I'm having a "zero birthday" this year. The first one that you generally dread. I'll give you a hint in case you haven't figured it out yet--I have a theory that the reason I like the Beatles is because I heard a lot of it in utero. Here's the only problem with that--my mother only listens to country music. So the theory needs a little tweaking.
- My favorite television shows, most of which are stacked up on TiVo right now, are--also in no particular order--"West Wing" and "Family Guy". What this means is that I'm a raving liberal but not so much that I don't appreciate a good flatulence joke every now and then. (And I'll try not to rant on the liberal thing too much.... not so much out of concern to offend but mostly because I know that the current administration is watching and reading most of least those members of the administration who can read beyond "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" ...and quite frankly you're not worth the prison time--SO THERE.)

So I hope you find this enjoyable and get a little bit of a chuckle. Happy reading!

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